What WOULD Bekki Eat?

Well, I'll start with what I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't eat margarine. Or tofu. Or lowered-fat anything. Olestra is right out. Hydrolyzed, isolated, evaporated, enriched, or chocolate flavored "phood" won't pass these lips.
What will I eat? Real food. Made-at-home food. Food that my great-great-grandmother could have made, if she had the money and the time. And if she hadn't been so busy trick-riding in a most unladylike way.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Onions and Garlic in Bacon Fat

First, the bad news.
It's really only bad news to me, but I am allergic/sensitive to/intolerant/angry at the very existence of sulfites.

I used to have rather strong opinions about people who complained that they couldn't drink red wine, because of the sulfites. "What kind of weanie can't handle an inocuous food additive?"

This kind of weanie.
Maybe it's just temporary, that's my mantra. From what I've read, it often is a build-up sort of thing. I've been using a LOT of canned coconut milk and cream recently, and it all had sodium metabisulfate. This whole allergy/sensitivity/intolerance THING that exploded in the last few weeks is teaching me more than I ever wanted to know. Thanks for the learning opportunity, oh wondrous Universe.

So, from Second Breakfast on through about 4:30, I was in a funk and a fog. Lunch was leftover chili. Dinner was supposed to be lasagna... with tofu instead of ricotta for me. But I was in no condition to be testing the possible soy allergy, so... it was changed to some sort of pasta. I didn't want a meat sauce, as that would too-closely resemble the chili that was still giving me heartburn. Hubby saved the day with the suggestion of the remaining bacon... and it all came together. That's the good news. Even in a world tipped on it's side, (as ours most certainly must be if I cannot have cream in my coffee) there is still the glory of onions and garlic in bacon fat.

That's how the "sauce" began. Then I plunked in about 3/4 a can of petite diced tomatoes, some chicken broth (would have used white wine, but didn't have any sans sulfites, grrrrr), and let that simmer while the brown rice pasta cooked.

By the way... if for any reason you venture into the realm of alternative pastas, do not bother with anything but Tinkyada for rice pastas. And even their penne and linguini fall flat. I have actually met Mr. Lundberg of Lundberg Farms (rices and pastas). He is a charming, generous, sincere man. He farmed ecologically before it was cool. But his rice pasta sucks.
Oh, and no, I don't leave my pasta sticking up over the water like that. I just thought it was pretty for the picture. Behind that is the chicken stock that I'll probably talk about tomorrow.

So... things are simmering... dinner needs a vegetable, so I sauteed some green beans in bacon fat. With a bit of grey salt they are just divine. Tossed the pasta in the sauce, topped with sliced kalamatas and the cooked bacon... dinner is done. And delicious.

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