What WOULD Bekki Eat?

Well, I'll start with what I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't eat margarine. Or tofu. Or lowered-fat anything. Olestra is right out. Hydrolyzed, isolated, evaporated, enriched, or chocolate flavored "phood" won't pass these lips.
What will I eat? Real food. Made-at-home food. Food that my great-great-grandmother could have made, if she had the money and the time. And if she hadn't been so busy trick-riding in a most unladylike way.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve, 2008... ah, the memories... I guess I nailed number 3 there, and wasn't able to hit "publish."

Once again, my desire for an excuse for good food outweighed my common sense. New Year's Eve is a day/evening when we do three things:
1) massively clean the house in preparation for all manner of superstitious good luck stuff
2) watch a lot of college football
3) drink an inordinate amount of alcohol

So why do I also plan for us to eat things that take a lot of time in the kitchen?!?! Not sure. Perhaps I'm masochistic.

Tonight's menu:

Roasted rack of lamb (just the cutest weetle wack of wamb you ever did saw!)
Potato Nests with Caviar (don't gasp, it was the cheap grocery store stuff)
Bacon-Wrapped Sausages (ok, gasp, I'm confident the saturated fats are good for me)
Cut Veggies with Onion-Garlic Dip
Aaaaaand, probably some mac & cheese for the kids (gluten-free of course, can't be contaminating my kitchen.)

The lamb was TASTY. Much too small, at less than a pound...

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Roasted-Rack-of-Lamb/Detail.aspx

Bacon-wrapped sausage recipe: http://ezinearticles.com/?Bacon-Wrapped-Sausages&id=321589

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